Accounting Standards Committee 2018-2019

The Accounting Standards Committee provides an organizational "umbrella" for the EAA's two standard-setting outreach committees, the Financial Reporting Standards Committee and the Corporate Reporting Committee.

Accounting Standards Committee Chair  Richard BARKER  Oxford University - Said Business School
Financial Reporting Standards Committee Chair  Peter JOOS  INSEAD
Corporate Reporting Committee Chair  Begoña GINER  University of Valencia


Financial Reporting Standards Committee Members

Erlend Kvaal BI Norwegian Business School
Ana Marques Norwich Business School at University of East Anglia
Annelies Renders              Maastricht University

The purpose of the FRSC is to bring contributions of academic research to the standard-setting process. This includes a responsibility for the FRSC to liaison with the IASB and EFRAG on behalf of the EAA to promote the use of academic research and to ensure that the voice of the European academic community is heard.

The FRSC is a facilitating committee that identifies tasks to be undertaken and coordinates volunteers from the research community to address them. Those volunteers become members of the Financial Reporting Research Group (FRRG) and participate in specific projects.

Anyone interested in volunteering for work with the FRSC or wanting information about it is invited to contact the chairman, Peter Joos (peter.joos@insead.edu).

Corporate Reporting Committee Members

The CRC is made up of a group of academics of recognized prestige who have been actively involved in EAA activities. All have an extensive experience in research in non-financial reporting, among other areas, and the most important thing they are very interested in addressing the new challenge of the EAA:

Charles Cho Schulich School of Business, York University
Elizabeth Demers HEC Lausanne
Begoña Giner (CHAIR) University of Valencia
Laura Girella University of Ferrara
Peter Kajüter University of Münster
Lucia Lima Rodrigues University of Minh
Peter Pope Bocconi University
Gunnar Rimmel University of Reading
Ricardo Stacchezzini University of Verona
Ian Thomson University of Birmingham


Areas of focus

Recent comment letters sent: 

Consultation on the Updated of the Non-binding Guidelines on Non-Financial Reporting, issued by the EC (deadline 20/03/

Business Reporting of Intangibles: Realistic Proposals, issued by the FRC (deadline 30/04/2019)

With the new Corporate Reporting Committee (CRC), the association wants to actively participate in the debate about how companies can and should inform the wide variety of stakeholders about their activities and their impact on society in general. In addition, since non-financial information is increasingly attracting the interest of policy makers and standard setters, with the new committee EAA aims to create awareness of the policy issues on these matters and collaborate with them so that the academic community can have an impact on new policies and standards.

Anyone interested in volunteering for work with the CRC or wanting information about it is invited to contact the chair, Begoña Giner (begona.giner@uv.es)


What's New?

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