Photo Gallery of Past EAA Doctoral Colloquia

34th EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2018 - Milan, Italy
Photos 2018 (taken by Dena Landsman)

33rd EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2017 - Valencia, Spain
Photos 2017 (taken by Muhammad Iliyas Mohammad Yusoff)

32nd EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2016 - Vaals (Maastricht), The Netherlands
Photos 2016 (taken by Wayne Landsman)

29th EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2013 - Saclay (Paris), France
Photos 2013 (taken by Dena Landsman)

28th EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2012 - Bled, Slovenia
Photos 2012  (taken by Dena Landsman)

27th EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2011 - Siena, Italy
no photos available

26th EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2010 - Istanbul, Turkey
Photos 2010  (taken by Dena Landsman)

25th EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2009 - Tampere, Finland
no photos available

24th EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2008 - Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands
Photos 2008  (taken by Dena Landsman)

23rd EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2007 - Sintra, Portugal
Photos 2007  (taken by Dena Landsman)

22nd EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2006 - Dublin, Ireland
Photos 2006  (taken by Dena Landsman)

21st EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2005 - Gullholmen Island, Sweden
Photos 2005  (taken by Dena Landsman)

What's New?

EAA 43rd Annual Congress
Bucharest, Romania - May 27-29, 2020
Full information HERE

EAA 36th Doctoral Colloquium
Bucharest, Romania - May 23-26, 2020
Full information HERE

EAA 44th Annual Congress
Helsinki, Finland - May 26-28, 2021

EAA 42nd Annual Congress
Paphos, Cyprus - May 29-31, 2019
Full information HERE
Videos HERE
Scientific Programme HERE

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