External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee is the EAA's window to the accounting associations, accounting firms, industry associations, corporates, standard setting bodies (in cooperation with the Financial Reporting Standards Committee and Stakeholder Reporting Committee) and other potential sponsors.

Chair  Catalin ALBU (2021-2024)  Bucharest University of Economic Studies

 Mara CAMERAN (2022-2025)  Bocconi University
 Angelo DITILLO (2022-2025)  Bocconi University
 Christoph PELGER (2022-2024)  University of Passau
 Jason XIAO (2022-2024)  University of Macau


Areas of Focus

Volunteering Opportunities

Contact information

  • creating awareness of the EAA with external parties;
  • keeping regular contacts with the organizations and inform them of academic research done by EAA members and possibilities for outreach to these EAA members;
  • obtaining sponsorship for the EAA and liaise with Local Organizing Committees of the Annual Congresses.

EAA members with contacts to audit firms, industry associations, publishers, providers of databases and providers of educational material are welcome to become engaged with the ERC



Contact Catalin ALBU, Chair, for pricelist and more detailed information via catalin.albu@cig.ase.ro





What's New?

EAA 44th Annual Congress

Bergen, Norway - 11-13 May 2022
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EAA 38th Doctoral Colloquium 
Bergen, Norway - 7-10 May 2022
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EAA 45th Annual Congress
Helsinki, Espoo, Finland - May 23-26, 2023

EAA 46th Annual Congress
Bucharest, Romania - May 2024

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