Publications Committee

The Publications Committee (PC) of the EAA oversees the affairs of all EAA publications: European Accounting Review, Accounting in Europe, and the EAA Newsletter. The Editors of these publications are solely responsible for the editorial content. The PC liaises with Editors regarding changes in policies and practices that affect the operations and the attractiveness of the publications as places to publish. It also interacts with the publisher of the EAA journals.

Chair  Steven YOUNG (2020-2023)  Lancaster University

 Martin MESSNER (2021-2024)  University of Innsbruck
 Giovanna   MICHELON (2017-2023)  University of Bristol
 Holger DASKE (2019-2021) University of Mannheim
 Hui CHEN (2021-2024)  University of Zurich
 Marco TROMBETTA (2016-2021)  IE Business School


Areas of Focus

Volunteering Opportunities

Contact information

  • advising MC on appointment of editors, based on search carried out by PC; 
  • advising MC on appointment of associate editors and editorial boards, based on proposals by editors;
  • developing the EAAs publication policies in line with COPE guidelines .

EAA members are encouraged to submit their work for publication in European Accounting Review or Accounting in Europe.  

Prior to appointing a new editor for one of the journals or the newsletter, the publications committee will issue a call for nominations.  Even if you don't want to be an editor yourself, you're welcome to nominate others. Experience shows that these nominations are an important part of the search process.   

The editors of the EAA Newsletter (Christoph Endenich & Marco Fasan) welcome contributions in – but not restricted to – the following areas: Calls & Announcements, Essays & Reports and Young Scholars’ Corner. Please contact the editors via endenich@essec.edu if you wish to share any relevant information with EAA Members.

For general matters regarding the PC’s work, contact s.young@lancaster.ac.uk

What's New?

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Bucharest, Romania - May 2024

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