Stakeholder Reporting Committee

Stakeholder Reporting Committee Members

The SRC (formerly known as CRC, members remain unchanged) is made up of a group of academics of recognised prestige who have been actively involved in EAA activities. All have an extensive experience in research in non-financial reporting, among other areas, and the most important thing they are very interested in addressing the new challenge of the EAA:

Chair Begoña GINER  University of Valencia
Members Elizabeth DEMERS University of Waterloo
Charles CHO  Schulich School of Business, York University
Laura GIRELLA University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Peter KAJÜTER University of Münster
Lucia Lima RODRIGUES University of Minho
Joana KRASODOMSKA Cracow University of Economics
Gunnar RIMMEL University of Reading
Ricardo STACCHEZZINI University of Verona
Ian THOMSON University of Birmingham

The Stakeholder Reporting Committee (SRC) is a committee of the European Accounting Association (EAA) whose mission is to actively participate in the debate about how organisations can, and should, inform their wide range of stakeholders about their activities, including their impact on society. It focuses on the non-financial or sustainability reporting. Further, given that non-financial information is increasingly attracting the interest of policy makers and standard setters, our committee also aims to create awareness of the policy issues amongst our membership, and to collaborate with policy makers and standard setters with a view to allowing the academic community’s research expertise to have an impact on emerging policies and standards.

Anyone interested in volunteering for work with the SRC or wanting information about it is invited to contact the chair, Begoña Giner (begona.giner@uv.es)

What's New?

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Bergen, Norway - 11-13 May 2022
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EAA 45th Annual Congress
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EAA 46th Annual Congress
Bucharest, Romania - May 2024

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