EAA Book Reviews

The EAA invites publishers and authors of books dealing with accounting and related subject matters to send them to the book review editor for consideration for review. Such books should be recently published, or soon to be published, and should be likely to appeal to EAA members.

EDITOR (2016-2019): Lucia Lima Rodrigues, University of Minho, Portugal (lrodrigues@eeg.uminho.pt)

Aiming for Global Accounting Standards – The International Accounting Standards Board 2001–2011
by Kees Camfferman and Stephen Zeff
Oxford University Press, 2015, 661 pp.
ISBN 978-0-19-964631-9

Reviewed by Peter Walton

The FASB - The People, the Process, and the Politics (Fifth Edition)
by Paul B. W. Miller, Paul R. Bahnson and Rodney J. Redding
Sigel Press, Ohio, 2015, 258 pp., $25
ISBN 978-1-905941-27-8 (paperback)

Reviewed by Marta Guerreiro

American Accountants and their Contributions to Accounting Thought, 1900-1930
by John J. Kahle
Reviewed by Charles Baker

Public Sector Accounting and Auditing in Europe. The Challenge of Harmonization
Reviewed by Vicente Condor

Confidence Games: Lawyers, Accountants, and the Tax Shelter Industry
Reviewed by David Alexander

Inside Accounting: The Sociology of Financial Reporting and Auditing
by David Leung
Gower Publishing, Surrey, 2011, 142 pages
ISBN-13:  978-1409420491
Reviewed by Maria João Major, Nova School of Business & Economics (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Corporate Risk and Governance: An End to Mismanagement, Tunnel Vision, and Quackery
by  Alan Waring

Gower Publishing,Farnham, UK, 2013, 219 pages
ISBN 978-1409448365
Reviewed by
Jonas Oliveira, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)

A Social Critique of Corporate Reporting: Semiotics and Web-Based Integrated Reporting
by David Crowther (Second Edition)

Gower Publishing Limited, Farnham, Surrey, 2012, 237 pages
ISBN 978-1-4094-4188-5
Reviewed by
Manuel Castelo Branco, Faculty of Economics, University of Porto, Portugal

Integrated Reporting: A New Accounting Disclosure
by Chiara Mio

Palgrave Macmillan, Venice, 2016, 312 pages
ISBN: 978-1-137-55148-1
Reviewed by
María Consuelo Pucheta-Martínez, University Jaume I (Spain)

EDITOR (2013-2016): Saverio Bozzolan, LUISS University, Italy

December 2015

Capitalism, corporations and the social contract – A critique of stakeholder theory
by Samuel F. Mansell

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013, 185 pages
ISBN 9781107015524
Reviewed by Carlos Larrinaga, Universidad de Burgos

September 2015

Real Social Science: Applied Phronesis
by Bent Flyvbjerg, Todd Landman & Sanford Schram

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2012, xi-308
ISBN 978-0-521-16820-5
Reviewed by Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania

Effective Risk Communication
by Arvai, J. & Rivers III, L.
Abingdon, 2014, pp. 342
ISBN 978-1-84971-265-1
Reviewed by Philip Linsley, The University of York

May 2015

Investing between the lines ‐ How to make smarter decisions by decoding CEO communications
by L. J. Rittenhouse

McGraw Hill, New York, 2013, 240 pages
ISBN 978‐0071714075
Reviewed by Encarna Guillamon Saorin, University Carlos III de Madrid

Public Sector Accounting
by Tjerk Budding, Giuseppe Grossi & Torbjörn Tagesson

Routledge, Abingdon, 2015, 194 pages
ISBN 978‐0415683159
Reviewed by Ileana Steccolini, Bocconi University

The death of corporate reputation – How integrity has been destroyed on Wall Street
by Jonathan Macey

FT Press, Upper Saddle River, 2013, 304 pages
ISBN 978‐0133039702
Reviewed by Pietro Mazzola, IULM University

February 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility – A Research Handbook
by Kathryn Haynes, Alan Murray & Jesse Dillard

Routledge, London, 2013, 359 pages
ISBN 978-0-415-78171-8
Reviewed by Frank Schiemann, University Hamburg

December 2014

Ethics in Finance
by John R. Boatright
Reviewed by Christos I. Negakis, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

The end of corporate social responsibility. Crisis & critique
by Fleming, Peter and Jones, Marc T.
Reviewed by Giovanna Michelon, University of Exeter Business School, and University of Padova

September 2014

Corporate sustainability: Integrating Performance and Reporting
by Ann Brocket & Zabihollah Rezaee
Reviewed by Francisco Bravo, University of Seville

Too Much Is Not Enough. Incentives in Executive Compensation
by Robert W. Kolb
Reviewed by Andrea Melis, University of Cagliari

June 2014

Operations forensics: business performance analysis using operations measures and tools
by Richard Lai
Reviewed by Aytac Erdemir, Jaume I University

February 2014

Behavioral Corporate Finance: Decisions that Create Value & Ending the Management Illusion: How to Drive Business Results Using the Principles of Behavioral Finance
by Hersh Shefin
Reviewed by Dimitrios Gounopoulos, School of Business, University of Sussex

December 2013

Accounting and Distributive Justice
by John Flower
Reviewed by Brian Singleton-Green, ICAEW

Good Derivatives, a story of financial and environmental innovation
by Richard L. Sandor
Reviewed by Delphine Gibassier, HEC Paris

September 2013

Survey Research in Corporate Finance
by H. Kent Baker, J. Clay Singleton & E. Theodore Veit
Reviewed by Malcolm Smith , Edith Cowan University

Mergers and Acquisitions: The Critical Role of Stakeholders
by Helén Anderson, Virpi Havila & Fredrik Nilsson
Reviewed by Seraina C. Anagnostopoulou, Athens University of Economics and Business

May 2013

The Small Worlds of Corporate Governance
by Bruce Kogut
Reviewed by Francesca Cuomo, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia

The Malign Hand of the Markets
by John Staddon
Reviewed by Phil Molyneux, Bangor Business School, Bangor University

February 2013

Environmental Management Accounting, Case studies of South-East Asian companies
by Christian Herzig, Tobias Viere, Stefan Schaltegger & Roger L. Burritt
Reviewed by Mark van der Veen, University of Amsterdam

Guardians of Finance: Making Regulators Work For Us
by James R. Barth, Gerard Caprio & Ross Levine
Reviewed by Philip O’Regan, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick

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