EAR - European Accounting Review

EDITOR: Laurence van Lent, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

European Accounting Review (EAR)
is the international scholarly journal of the European Accounting Association (EAA). Devoted to the advancement of accounting knowledge, EAR provides a forum for the publication of high quality accounting research manuscripts. The journal acknowledges its European origins and the distinctive variety of the European accounting research community. Conscious of these origins, European Accounting Review emphasises openness and flexibility, not only regarding the substantive issues of accounting research, but also with respect to paradigms, methodologies and styles of conducting that research.

Though European Accounting Review is a truly international journal, it also holds a unique position as it is the only accounting journal to provide a European forum for the reporting of accounting research. The advent of, for example, the single European market and the consequent harmonisation of accounting standards and regulations, has shown the need for a European forum for accounting research. European Accounting Review has already become indispensable as such a forum. With an internationally renowned new editorial team and leading contributors, European Accounting Review is an increasingly important arena for the development of accounting theory and practice.


What's New?

EAA 38th Annual Congress
Glasgow, U.K - 28-30 April 2015
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EAA 31st Doctoral Colloquium 
St Andrews, Scotland, U.K.
24-27 April 2015
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EAA PhD Forum 2015
Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. - 28 April 2015
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Next EAA congresses
2016 - Maastricht (11-13 May)
2017 - Valencia (10-12 May)

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