Membership Benefits and fees

The benefits of becoming a member of EAA include:

  • access to the Members Only area of the EAA website - including a Membership Directory as well as news and announcements specific to EAA Members;
  • regularly receiving the EAA Newsletter that is sent to all members providing current information in the field of Accounting in Europe;


Membership Fee

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For all those attending any EAA Annual Congress -- you will automatically become an EAA Member for the year after the conference takes place! This means that if you attend the EAA Annual Congress this year, you are automatically registered as a Member of the Association for the following calendar year, thereby receiving the above benefits of membership.

If you do not attend the EAA Annual Congress (or if you let a year lapse between conferences), your membership can nonetheless be maintained by completing and submitting the Membership Application Form and paying the Membership Fee for that year directly to the EAA Secretariat.

The EAA Membership Fee includes a digital copy of the two EAA Journals (EAR and AinE). It is nevertheless still possible to opt for a paper copy of the journals.

For Academics, the EAA Membership Fee is:

- either 50€, exclusive of VAT at 21%, including a digital copy of EAR and AinE
- or 70€, exclusive of VAT at 21%, including a paper copy of EAR and AinE

For PhD Students, the EAA Membership Fee is:

- either 20€, exclusive of VAT at 21%, including a digital copy of EAR and AinE
- or 40€, exclusive of VAT at 21%, including a paper copy of EAR and AinE

In order to become a member of EAA, please click here.

What's New?

EAA 44th Annual Congress

Bergen, Norway - 11-13 May 2022
For more information click here.

EAA 38th Doctoral Colloquium 
Bergen, Norway - 7-10 May 2022
More information to come soon.

EAA 45th Annual Congress
Helsinki, Espoo, Finland - May 23-26, 2023

EAA 46th Annual Congress
Bucharest, Romania - May 2024

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