European Traditions in Accounting

In March 2010, Martin Messner, the Editor of the EAA Newsletter in place at that time, introduced a new section to the newsletter dedicated to “European Traditions in Accounting”. Each issue contains a short invited essay that describes one or several aspects of the research tradition or institutional environment in a particular European country. To read the essay, clik on the title.

Accounting in ITALY
By Claudia Arena, Sara Saggese, Fabrizia Sarto & Riccardo Viganò
June 2014

Accounting in ICELAND
By Einar Guðbjartsson
February 2014

Accounting in HUNGARY
By Barbara Kardos & Andrea Madarasi-Szirmai
September 2013

Accounting in POLAND: Cost and management accounting in Poland
By Anna Szychta
May 2013

Accounting in DENMARK: The impact of business economics and practice
By Carsten Rohde
February 2013

Accounting in THE NETHERLANDS: Accounting in the polder
By Cees Camfferman
December 2012

Accounting in IRELAND: Ireland's blend of academic and professional accounting
By Aileen Pierce
September 2012

Accounting in ROMANIA: Challenges and opportunities in a changing environment
By Catalin Nicolae Albu & Nadia Albu
May 2012

Accounting in ESTONIA: The reflections of accounting changes in the dynamic context
by Toomas Haldma & Kertu Lääts
February 2012

Accounting tradition in PORTUGAL
by Maria Major
December 2011

Accounting tradition in GERMANY
by Rolf Uwe Fülbier & Joachim Gassen
September 2011

Accounting in SLOVENIA: The intertwining of research and practice
by Simon Cadez, Sergeja Slapnicar & Aljosa Valentincic
May 2011

Accounting research in FINLAND: Times they are a changing
by Marko Järvenpää
February 2011

Accounting research in CROATIA: The reflection of transition
by Vedran Capkun & Ivica Pervan
December 2010

Accounting research in SPAIN: Two decades of evolution
by José Antonio Gonzalo & Araceli Mora
September 2010

Accounting research in FRANCE: The institutional setting
by Nicolas Berland & Christine Pochet
June 2010

Accounting research in SWEDEN: A look at dissertations
by Bino Catasus & Jonas Gerdin
March 2010



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